Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Good Evening!  We have a new addition to our house that is kind of taking over our lives...

That's right, Julia is a proud mommy to three beautiful cabbage patch dolls.  I can't remember ever giving my dolls weird, nonsensical names but apparently that's what five year olds do.  Precious pa-pa, cheerleader, and Yankee Frankie never leave her side.  These have been one of my favorite gifts to give her although it involves me pretending to burp them, rock them to sleep and playing peek-a-boo.  One of the great things about being a mommy is getting to stroll down memory lane with your child, even if it means endangering the possibility of wanting to have more children in the future ;) 

I'm pretty excited to make some baby blankets and reusable diapers for her dolls.  Yes, those will be the lame Christmas presents that I make for her.  Who knows though, maybe one day she will be talking to Delilah on the radio about the amazing time her crazy mother would take to make blankets with coordinating diapers for her dolls.  A girl can dream, can't she?

Anyway, let's talk about chocolate.  It's three days until the Hot Chocolate 15k :)  I'm really excited for the run this Saturday.  As of right now, the weather should be 48 degrees and partly cloudy, which is perfect for a race!   I am going for a five mile run tomorrow and then another run on Thursday.  I will be resting Friday and hopefully finishing the 15k in under 1:42:31 on Saturday :)

Did you have Cabbage Patch dolls?

If you pay to run a race, do you ever just run for fun?  Or do you always have a goal?


  1. I hope we can find you at the race! I don't really have a "goal" but I'd love to aim for a 9:30 pace. Only time will tell!

    I love the triplets cabbage patch dolls, and that CP dolls are still around! I think I still have mine somewhere :)

  2. Oh I remember getting my cabbage patch doll. Great memories. I love the names she gave them. My son has a snake he named Pizza Cat. Who knows where they come up with this stuff! Good luck on the race!

  3. It won't be 48 when we run, but I like your optimism. :)

  4. Wow, your goal is so specific! I have no idea what a good time is for a 15K, my goal has just been to PR in chocolate eating. That's saying a lot though.

  5. Oops, forgot to say, you can totally do it! Just don't let the crowding slow you down!


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