Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jiggle Jiggle

That's right, I'm fist pumping as I crossed the finish line at the Turkey Trot!    This course was an out and back so it was super fun to cheer on the faster runners that were lapping me by fist pumping.  I'm telling you, it's exhilarating and you must try it.  I'm still working on ways to incorporate it into an everyday run by myself...
Look at me! 
 Yesterday was a telework day and was lucky enough to go out and run 5.34 miles.  I wore both the Garmin and my Nike + and the total distance was very different.  Garmin said 5.34 miles and Nike + said 4.94 miles.  What the? 

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my performance.  I have been eating a ton of sweets lately and have gained five pounds or so.  I swear to you, I could feel every pound of those sweets jiggling on my booty while I ran.  It was so weird.  Note to self:  eat less sweets and run more.  I will be a happy camper if I can lose the five pounds by Christmas, therefore not adding insult to injury ;)

It's only a couple days until the 15k and I have only recently began to think about how I will maintain energy throughout the race and what I will wear.  I have run this distance before and I'm pretty sure I just used the Power Gel blasts every couple of miles or so to maintain energy.   I can't compare them to anything else since these are the only things I have tried.  As for what I will wear, my new gloves and smartwool socks  are at the top of the list.  I have some random moisture-wicking tights that I will wear but they are intended as a layering piece and not necessarily for running.  I'm still trying to decide if I should wear one long sleeved shirt or two....hmmm...

What do you use to stay energized during long runs?

Is your booty jiggling after too much pumpkin pie?


  1. Good luck in the 15K!! You'll do great!

    I drank coconut water and jellybeans during my half and I think it was too much sugar... I was craving plain water so that's my stupid fault.

  2. Good luck on the 15K! And yes, I do feel jiggly after too many sweets so you are not alone!

  3. I don't have much of a booty to jiggle, but my belly is like a bowl full of jello. Run well tomorrow at the Hot Chocolate. Weather Report looks good! I will just have to run sometime today.... no sure when....

  4. I wasn't planning on taking anything during the 15K. 2 weeks after running 50 miles, I'm like "Pssst, 9 miles? I've got this" haha. Also, I run 9 miles all the time with nothing but water.

    Good luck tomorrow! If you see any of the Team Bitch shirts, come over and say hi!

  5. I keep my booty jiggling at all times. If you spot me at the 15K, you'll know what I mean. I am wearing tights and one long sleeve shirt, I get super hot when I run. My energy will come from fantasizing about the chocolate at the end.

    I'll be looking for you tomorrow morning! If I don't see you, have a great time at the race!


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