Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In Search of Indulgence

Good Turkey Eve!  Thanksgiving has started early here!  It is my mom's birthday today and in true celebration, we went out for lunch and stuffed ourselves.  We met up at Famous Dave's and ordered their double lid feast.  That's right folks, two trashcan lids full of delicious barbecue and sides.  Even after absolute gluttony, we went home and soldered the cracks with vanilla and chocolate cake.  Remember the ultimate vanilla cake?  Well, I got some more of that and also tried the ultimate chocolate cake.  Yum yum yum!

In a related story, I have been thinking more and more about finding a half marathon to sign up for.  My first half marathon was Disney's Wine and Dine.  Unfortunately, a mystery pain in my leg sidelined me about two months before the race and prevented me from finishing my training.  I ended up running cold turkey and the pace clearly shows it.  My finish time will not be hard to beat and I am really excited to try again.

I'm not sure what finish line will beat Epcot but I'm willing to try to find it.  It's weird but my searches for "Oreo half marathon" and "bacon half marathon" came up with nothing.  There was a Turkey Hill 10k but the distance was all wrong.  I did find a nice half marathon in Pennsylvania.  Hershey, PA that is!   I know I am already running a race that ends in a chocolate heaven but I'm pretty sure chocolate is always motivating! 

Here's the deal, this race was held October 16th this year.  Our wedding is planned for October 20, 2012. 

Who's up for moving the wedding to PA?

Do you have running bumper stickers on your car?

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