Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Julia sleeps with a night light that pretty much lights up her whole room and the hallway to my room.  She woke up at 2am because the beacon went out.  There was some crying and whimpering but eventually she went back to sleep even though the electricity was out.  Even though I was able to go right back to sleep, the quality of interrupted sleep is not nearly as good as as a solid night of sleep and that's why I am thankful for commuter buses (and the government subsidy that pays me to take it).  I love my hour nap to and from work.  LOVE.

It's pretty ridiculous that Alex has asked me questions about how I get to work, like road names etc, and I have no idea what to tell him.  I'm pretty sure that I would start out on 95N but then things get blurry and dark.  Thank goodness for GPS :)  What did we do before?  I don't even own a map.  It doesn't really matter though because me with a map is the same as me without a map.  I'm pretty useless at navigation.

One place I never need directions to is Dairy Queen, especially at this time of the year.  It's a small thing but I'm thankful for their pumpkin pie blizzards.  They are super delicious and if you haven't had one, I highly recommend you go out and try one immediately!

What's your favorite DQ Blizzard?

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  1. gotta be a hot fudge and heath bar! man, I wish we had one around here! :)


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