Monday, November 14, 2011

Reason VS Excuse

Good Afternoon :)  I just finished reading on another site about busy mothers making it a priority to workout and the difference between a reason for missing a workout and an excuse.  This weekend I was full of excuses.  I'm not surprised by this but it's definitely a reality check for me.  The only legitimate reason for not doing my run on Sunday afternoon was my daughter threw up all over the backseat of my car after an afternoon of picnicking and tire swinging.  It was pretty imperative that I steam clean the car immediately.  I am seriously considering selling my car due to the remaining throw up smell, however, I don't think that would be a selling point for others. 

It's all fun and games until someone throws up
a gallon of Hawaiian punch in the back of mommy's car

My general excuses for not getting in my workout has been "I'm tired."  What has happened to my 4:30am workouts?  I used to enjoy them and the quietness of the house at that time of the morning and felt hugely accomplished by breaking a good sweat before six.  Apparently it takes approximately 66 days to create a new habit so if I get up at 4:30am for the next 66 days then I should be golden.  66 days?!  Oh my.

Here's a quick list of things I am planning for this week:

1. Ten o'clock bedtime (I'm so thankful that I have a wonderful fianceé who will support me in this)
2. Four-thirty morning workouts (thank goodness for my treadmill!)
3. Run the Turkey Trot in under 1:08:21 :)  (I'm thankful for my running partner who completed the Richmond marathon this past weekend at under a 9 minute mile over all!  Way to go, Dad!)

I think all of these are completely attainable if I am willing to put out the effort.  Let's do it!

What are your goals for the week?


  1. Once you have kids, the temptation of excuses is so much worse! That's what makes fit moms so badass :)

  2. 66 days?? That's more than two months! That's such bad news. BUT in my experience, it doesn't actually take that long. I think the experts are just trying to scare people.

  3. If it helps I can text/call in the morning. I'm having a hard time waking up myself. :)


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