Thursday, August 4, 2011


Good Evening all!  Tonight is a very special night because my best friend is having a sleepover with me!!!  She's been gone for a while but she's back now and we are partying!

Aren't we cute?  I told Julia that if she was very good and listened to Gma all day, that she could sleep in my bed tonight.  Gma said she was an angel and so we having a fun night!

I made us pizza with ground turkey, sweet peppers, goat cheese and whole wheat crust a la Biggest Loser Flavors of the World Cookbook .  It was pretty tasty. 

While I was making the pizza, Julia was hard at work creating armor for us.  At first she was making us party hats but somehow decided body armor was better.  She created wrist bands, arm bands, finger shields, toe shields and boots.  Here are her fancy boots:

Once dinner was finished, we made the world's smallest sundaes.  Two teeny spoonfuls of ice cream, a little chocolate magic shell and a dollop of whipped cream.  Mmmm...  What's the perfect pairing with ice cream?  A Disney movie!  We watched the first thirty minutes of The Incredibles :) 

I will have to get to bed now because there will be some repentance HIIT tomorrow at 4am!

Good Night!



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