Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday Woes

Time is seriously ticking away to the big day and I'm totally stressing out.  I felt like I had all the time in the world to get things done until we hit that three month mark.  Ever since then, I feel like time is slipping away much too quickly.  Alex has been an angel in helping me with all my wedding endeavors.  He personally bedazzled each of our invitations.

oh cell phone....
Over the weekend, I went for a trail run with my dad at Bull Run Marina.  I don't do much trail running and to be honest, my idea of a great trail run is Burke Lake with it's gentle rolling hills.  This was not Burke Lake.  This was hiking at a running pace.  My calves and quads were burning.  We ran just shy of four miles and I was exhausted.  I will never bad mouth running on a treadmill ever again. 

There was no weight loss this week.  I'm still holding steady at 176 pounds.  In an attempt to keep myself motivated in my efforts, I decided to see if there were any changes in my measurements.

June 13, 2012     August 1, 2012
187 lbs                176 lbs
39.5" bust           40.5" bust
41" waist            39.5" waist
45.5" hips           43.5" hips

Slow progress is still progress, right?