Thursday, September 15, 2011

The REAL wedding crashers

Good Evening!  What a busy weekend!  This past Saturday Alex, my mom, his mom and I went to look at a couple wedding venues.  We went up to Fairfax and looked at the Civil War Interpretive Center and the Old Town Hall.

I really loved the Civil War Interpretative Center.  I really liked that it was a unique space that offered things for our guests to do while the bridal party took pictures etc.  It was also a beautiful mix of outdoor and indoor spaces. 

Port along the back of the building

Civil War Interpretive Center

Historic Blenheim
It's a very small venue and we would have to be creative with the space.  If it had a bigger event space, I would be ready to sign on the dotted line!  The price was oh-so-right though...

Next we went to the Old Town Hall.  Our plan was just to check out the surrounding areas because you have to make an appointment to see the inside, but they were setting up for a wedding and they let us come in and look around :)  It is a unique space.  I really like the idea of getting married somewhere that has history. 

The reception was set up for 120 guests but no room for dance floor :(
Ceremony in the upstairs library
I liked this space too but there wasn't any other space besides the upstairs library and the main room.  The only space available for a cocktail hour would be the small foyer.  The main room was a little on the small side so we would have to be creative with the seating so we could accommodate a dance floor.  Alex and I have both agreed, the dance floor is a MUST :)

Any suggestions on other venues to check out?


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