Sunday, July 10, 2011

Compact Cardio

Good weekend everyone!  I hope you had an enjoyable one :)  Mine was wonderful.  I went to a friend's wedding, spent lots of time with Alex and Julia came home from her two weeks with her dad.  I am a happy lady!

Before we set out on our journey to PA, I snuck in a workout :)  My friend Jess is lending me Jackie Warner's This is why you're fat (and how to get thin forever).  It has some pretty interesting points and a different perspective. 

We were (or read: I was) running late so I decided to Jackie Warner's workout.  She says that you only need to do twenty minutes of cardio, as long as it is with enough intensity.  It was a pretty good workout!

Here's what the workout consisted of:

Treadmill incline 12%, speed 3.5, two minutes
Lower incline 1%, speed 5.0, two minutes
Keep incline 1%, speed 3.5, one minute
Repeat three more times for a twenty minute workout

Jackie's promise is that if you do this workout five times a week for two weeks, you will see a difference.  Since the workout proved to be intense and got me sweating, I'm willing to give it a try for the next two weeks.  I am also looking forward at sleeping in a little bit more since my workout time will be shorter :)

As always, I'll keep you posted and how it goes!



  1. Nice, I'm going to try this workout also. I'm all about 20 mins only on the old dreadmill!

  2. Haha, the it!! I'm sure it's a combo of the workouts and the eating but I have lost a couple pounds already this week so I definintely recommend the workout :)


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