Thursday, November 17, 2011

BAM it! :(

Yesterday's 10pm bedtime was an intentional fail.  I forgot about this growing addiction on Wednesday nights...

So let's just call today a rest day too because I didn't get up and run either.  No BAM today.  I love that tomorrow is Friday though!  It means I can go to work in jeans and sweatshirt.  That also means that it will take me half the time than it usually does because it will require NO ironing.

So the plan is to get up and run five miles on the treadmill.  Boring but necessary to keep in training for the Hot Chocolate 15k and the Lake Ridge RidgeRunner 10k Turkey Trot.  I'm getting pretty excited about the Turkey Trot race on Sunday :)  It's nothing compared to Kara's JFK 50 miler but let's face it, 10k is going to take a lot less time and won't make me nearly as sore.  Those are two things that I am very grateful for!   I updated my races page with a couple more runs.  My time for my first half marathon was added to it and it was AWFUL!  I need to sign up for a half marathon and redeem myself...immediately!

I have mentioned before that when I was training for my half marathon, I got some leg injury that no one could help me with.  I did physical therapy and saw an orthopedic surgeon and still had no diagnosis.  I ended up resting all of August and September (as in NO running) and ran the half marathon cold turkey in October.  It's no small wonder that I was doing a 14 minute mile. 

Do you know of an awesome half marathon that I should redeem myself at?

Do you have a TV show that wins over sleep?

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  1. Good luck in your turkey trot! There is going to be the first ever rock and roll half in DC in March... looks pretty cool.


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