Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Operation BAM: Check out this Motha Runna!

I may have crossed over from casual runner to actual runner...

It's a great thing that I have a father that brought me into the wonderful world of running but he's not too serious about it.  For instance, this Garmin Forerunner405 was a Christmas present he received from my mom last year.  He has never used it.  In fact, he has never opened the box.  I was complaining about how I wasn't really sure that my Nike+ and he just handed over the Garmin so I could wear them both and figure it out!  He also said that maybe he would just let me hang on it to it and wish me a merry Christmas! It would be a very, merry Christmas if he did :)

Today was chock full of excuses and I didn't use any of them!  I got to bed last night at 10:30pm and allowed myself to sleep in because I was going out for a run on my lunch break (yay, telework!).  I had charged up the Garmin a couple days ago and unplugged it because it was fully charged.  I had no idea that it would lose all of it's charge by the time I was ready to go out for my run today.  Excuse number one. 

I  was super excited about comparing the Nike+ and Garmin on my run so I decided to download some new songs for my IPOD :)  Ok, it was going to happen at some point anyway but the new fun toy was a great reason to do it today.  Anyway, I couldn't find my IPOD.  After tearing up my house, I found the IPOD only to realize that I can't get it to play any music.  (FYI:  I'm a little dumb and instead of using the athletic band on my arm to hold the IPOD, I clipped it to my shirt....right under my chin where a ton of drops of sweat fall....hello, water damage)  I usually just keep touching the screen until the music starts playing but today it wasn't responding.  Excuse number two.

By the time I gave up on the IPOD that took forever to find and strapped on all my gear, my lunch break was almost halfway over and I wasn't going to be able to complete my 5.5 mile loop.  Excuse number three.  I ignored the excuses and went out to run an abbreviated route anyway!

It turns out the Nike+ isn't as far off as I thought.  The Garmin said 3.28 miles and the Nike+ 3.25.  I finished in 29:21 with a 8:56 minute/mile!  BAM!  I am so excited to see that my Nike+ is actually pretty accurate.  Can you image how good running will be when I get down to a healthier body fat percentage?! 

Perfect after-run snack
Here are the things I am thankful for today:
  • strong legs
  • Garmin/Nike+
  • My Daddy 
What excuses did you kill today?

How many gadgets do you wear when running?


  1. Come on. I bet your Dad is a serious runner. I think he just completed a half marathon. He may simply not always want to wear gadgets when running. He probably prefers the run time for meditation, de-stressing, and becoming more aware of his physical being. He does love his daughter Andrea but will probably want to at least try out the Garmin at some point. :-)

  2. Wow, you are fast! And I think you will love the Garmin :)

  3. Nice new Garmin! Just watch that HRM strap, it's a chafer! :)

  4. I love my Garmin and I can't believe I ever ran without it! It is great to look at the data afterward. Congrats on killing excuses and on a great run!


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