Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things I shouldn't be thankful for...

It's a funny thing how at the moment when things are happening, you aren't necessarily happy at the situation.  Sometimes it takes distance and time to realize the benefit of it all.  For instance, when you set out for a four mile run to your ring-giver-boyfriend's house and plan to have him give you a ride home.  When you get to his house, he has decided to take a shower and is unable to open the door so you can ask him for a ride home and therefore has doubled your intended run.  I was not thankful for the 8.8 miles I ran yesterday, however today I am kind of proud of myself :) 

It's a good thing I had this!
It's also a good thing disguised as a crappy one when your phone wakes you up an hour early when it decided to adjust for daylight savings time AFTER you made your coffee and got ready to run with the Lake Ridge RidgeRunners.  I was totally irritated because I was loving my sleep after that long run yesterday!  But instead of trying to fit in a pathetic, tiny nap, I had some extra time to blog and I'm always thankful for that :)

Well, it's just about time to get ready for that run with the RidgeRunners!  Running in the cold is not my favorite and there is plenty of frost on the ground so it's a wonderful morning to try out my new Smart Wool socks.  I guess I'm thankful for that (but only if the socks do their job).

What lemons have you turned into lemonade?

Do you love or hate Daylight Savings Time?


  1. Wow, another run the day after almost 9 miles?! You're a rockstar! Go get it!

  2. Great job on your run yesterday - even if it wasn't intentional, ha! I like getting an extra hour of sleep, but hate it when I lose an hour come Spring!


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