Friday, December 30, 2011

Scared Straight but Not Running

I'm pretty sure that we all have our lists of favorite shows.  Shows that you make sure that you record and don't mind watching over and over again.  One of those shows is "Beyond Scared Straight" on A&E.  I can pretty much sum up my obsession with one name:

The stuff my nightmares are made of...
Diabla.  If that picture doesn't scare you,  then maybe you didn't realize that she's a woman.  I don't want to run into her EVER (behind bars or not).   The premise of the show is simple.  They take at-risk youth and take them into a prison so the inmates can scare them to death or scare them into changing their life.  I now come to complete stops at stop signs, never go a mile over the speed limit, and always say no to drugs for fear of meeting Diabla or anyone else remotely like her.   Job well done, BSS.

Last night there were multiple episodes on so, needless to say, I got suckered into staying up way later than I had intended.  My plan was to get up early and run this morning but after staying up until midnight that was a no go.  The last episode they showed had a 13 year old girl that threw up while one of the inmates was talking about pedophiles that dismember children's bodies.  Of course, they immediately insinuated that she was pregnant because her vice was soliciting older men on the Internet.  I could not go to bed without finishing the episode and finding out if it was true (it wasn't). 

That's a woman in the glasses too!
The reason I decided to post about this show is because they added a new dimension for the parents of the at-risk youth.  They made them sit in on a parenting class.  I absolutely LOVE this idea.  These children are exactly that: children.  While I think they have a great responsibility for their own actions, they are still minors and are probably acting out due to inadequate parenting anyway.  In no way do I think there is a universal way to parent but I think that parents should be required to take a certain amount of parenting classes per year or per kid.  It would just make the world a better place. 

Would you ever take a parenting class?

There is a Free Diabla Facebook Page, would you "like" it?


  1. Diabla? Yeah, I'm not going to vote for her to be freed. :)

    I would take a parenting class. I need all the tips I can get.

  2. Oh...that is one show I have not watched and I am all over reality TV.

    I have have taken parent classes through early childhood education. I truly wish they offered them through the different stages of development. I was fantastic if only to bond with others that are going through the same thing.

    Happy New Year!


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