Thursday, September 1, 2011

Holy Bloom Trip!

So today was double coupon day at Bloom, up to $1.99.  I'm not sure if you clip the coupons or not, but that's pretty good.  Usually stores will only double coupons up $.99 so I made sure that I took advantage of the situation!  The catch was you could only have twenty coupons per transaction and per person.  So what did I do?  Got my lovely parents to meet me at the store so they could "buy" one of my transactions.

I'm sure you all have seen the TLC show "Extreme Couponing."  I am definitely not a contender for the show.  That show actually made me feel bad about the savings I didn't get.  I should have walked away with free stuff or things that they paid me to have!

So what do you think.....

Would you pay $155 for this?  Allegedly, my savings was $125.35.  I spent my lunch break checking out the sale ad for Bloom and comparing it to the coupons that I had.  I made an extreme rookie mistake.  Bloom had Herbal Essence on sale and I had Garnier Fructis coupons; so based on the picture on the coupon, I thought they were the same :(  Oh well, I have no shame....the cashier let me run and get the right one haha.

Another rookie mistake:

It was like playing Tetris in my freezer trying to get everything to fit!  Alex is pretty stoked for the things that I's not too often that you see coupons for chia seeds or spinach...

Has a TV show made your accomplishments look like chump change?


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