Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Good Evening!  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend :)  I won't be going back to work until Wednesday so mine isn't over just yet :)  I took the day off from running today and replaced it with some rigorous housework.  I swept, mopped, vacuumed, and did tons of laundry :(  I love a clean house but I rather not be the cleaner haha. 

After cleaning the house all morning, I went out to a couple stores to pick up a few things.  My first stop was CVS.  I am starting to embrace their rewards program and I had ten dollars of Rewards Bucks that I needed to use.  I ended up getting $40 of merchandise for $20 AND walking out with eleven dollars in Rewards Bucks for a future purchase.  Not too bad!

Next up was Target, which is generally dangerous for me.  I feel like I got some decent deals but I still ended up parting with a lot of cash.  I did try to stick with the sales that offered gift cards with their purchase and ended up with $20 in gift cards. 

I received some coupons for Dairy Queen so tonight we went out for a treat :)  Julia and I shared a double fudge, cookie dough blizzard, which was everything I needed.  It did get me thinking about my journey to a more healthy life.  I was pleased that Julia and I shared out blizzard rather than each having our own.  I was a little concerned about what I ate today and the amount of my activity throughout the day....  If you remember, my goal for August was to lose another ten pounds, which I did not do.  I have only lost eight pounds so I am going to try and step it up and meet that goal before I head down to Nogales, AZ in a week.  Hello again 4AM workouts!

I am going to Nogales for one week to see how the SW border operates.  It should be a pretty fun trip and I fully intend to continue working out and eating right while down there.  I am confident I can meet my goals, I just need to keep my priorities straight!  So I want to lose two pounds this week and lose another six by October :)

Did you labor today?



  1. 8 lbs is awesome!! Great job girlie!

    Also, I realized I don't think I told you about my blog before... Of course, I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's fun!

  2. Umm...8 pounds is great! Two pounds a week is an amazing feat. Great work!


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