Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hokie Dokey

Good Evening!  After a week in Nogales, I went down to Blacksburg to see my first college football game at Virginia Tech.  I was shocked at how chilly it was in Blacksburg!  Hello FALL!  Even though I am shocked about the temperature, I'm super excited about Fall.  I think Fall is truly the best time to run outdoors :)  It should be excellent weather for my run this weekend.

My time in Blacksburg was awesome.  We started the day off with some tailgating before the game.  There was tons of food.  I figured since this was the last day of "vacation" I would go ahead and allow myself a few treats.  There was some amazing pork BBQ as well as delicious pound cake.  I was one well-fed lady!

The game was a blast!  It was a "white-out" and luckily our friend's mom was kind enough to get us some white Hokie shirts to wear.

Here is a little-known fact about me:  I love matching outfits!  I was so excited that Alex and I were wearing matching shirts.  He has let me know this is the one and only time it will happen.  Haha, we will see about that.... ;)

Another wonderful moment at the game was getting back in touch with my marching band roots.  It was so amazing.  Marching band was so much fun!  I'm a definite nerd and I will give you no apologies about it.  I honestly think that I would take reliving a day in high school over a day in college.

Seeing my love after a week away, trips down memory lane, matching outfits, yummy food...It was a win for me and a win for the Hokies.  It was such a great weekend and the perfect end to my "vacation."

What's a little-known fact about you?


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  1. I love Tech games! Whenever I go to a Navy game, I'm like "This isn't a real game!" lol


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