Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meeting of the In-laws

Happy Sunday!  Alex's parents and my parents have now officially met and I think it went very well.  It was a wonderful engagement party and a lot of fun.

 Alex's mom was wonderful and brought a cake and favors for everyone.  It was so nice and I'm excited for our families to hang out again!

This morning I head out to Burke Lake Park with the Lake Ridge Runners and my dad.  It was a really beautiful day for a run.  I was satisfied but not super impressed with my run.  Yesterday, Patrice had me do some leg work with weights so my legs were tired and sore today.  I definitely wanted to stop running around mile three but finished all five.  I love running at BLP but I was a little sad that my new running shoes already have dirt all over them.  Oh well.

Hope your Sunday was a good one!


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