Saturday, September 24, 2011


Well I did it!  Eight miles is done and over with :)  This was NOT like any other race that I have done.  First of all, it was trail race.  Second, the trail was barely big enough for your own two feet with a hill on one side and a cliff on the other.  Thirdly, where's my medal? 

So if any of you run, you know that running can often "shake things loose."  Because Alex and I decided to just drive down the morning of the race, we had to get up at o'dark-thirty and get on the road.  This did not leave me much time to do my business.  Basically at mile five I had to find a port o'potty.  I'm just glad that there was one because, from what I hear, going out in the woods isn't too uncommon for trail running.  Let's just say that this plastic hut was NOT brought in for the run; it had been there a while.  There was a good amount of cleaning that had to be done before I could even think about hovering.  In fact, I probably would have been better off communing with Mother Nature.

Anyway, when we got back onto the trail about five minutes later, we got stuck behind some dainty runners.  Let me remind you, there was no space for passing.  Every uphill and downhill they would stop running.  I am talking about hands up in the air and tip-toeing down tiny hills.  UGH.  So I have a feeling my time would have been a little faster if I hadn't been trapped behind them for three miles.  I checked for my time but it looks like it didn't read my chip but I did cross over with my dad at the same time.  His time was 100 minutes.  I didn't achieve my goal but I was still pleased with my first trail run.

Since we were in Richmond, we decided to celebrate with a trip to our favorite place Black Sheep! I finished the race at about nine, so sadly they were only serving breakfast.  Never fear!  We at breakfast and still ordered a battleship to-go!  I had the most delicious breakfast. 

It was called Green Eggs and Lamb.  It was an egg and spinach frittata topped with spicy lamb sausage and pesto.  Alex had some delicious gaitor and yellow grits.  My dad had the Barn and Bay Breakfast sandwich.

Ham, crab, egg and Mmmm
After lunch, Alex and I went back to Maymont House to take the tour and to scope it out as a possible wedding venue.  I really loved the stone exterior and the beautiful backdrop of trees.  Here are a few pictures:

I bet this place is breathtaking in the peak of Fall!

I hope you had a great Saturday!


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