Sunday, September 18, 2011

Viva la Mexico!

So I went down to Nogales, AZ and the intent was NOT to go down to Mexico because of the increased violence there.  The first night that I arrived, my coworker took me down to the port to show me around.  She took me to the employee parking lot and you could see right through the fence into Mexico!

After I looked into Mexico and did not see live gun-fire, I decided it might not be that bad to visit after all.  

So we walked over to Mexico on my last day in Nogales.  It was way different than the US.  I literally waltzed into their document check or anything!  Immediately you are surrounded by vendors trying to convince you to by their things.  It was bizarre how you would tell them what you are looking for and they would run off to find it and bring it back to you!  Talk about customer service! 

We went down to Mexico the day before Mexican independence day and it was very cool to see the vendors setting up for the big celebration.  It looked like they were going to have a blast.  Of course, I was suckered into getting some patriotic things for Julia.  They had some cool red, green and white drums with different cartoon characters on top.  I was pretty bummed that I only saw Disney Princesses and Dora but never fear!  Once I told the lady that I was looking for Spiderman, she found me one!  Now Julia is the proud owner of a Mexican, Spiderman drum :)

After doing a little shopping, we went to an amazing restaurant called La Roca.  The restaurant is in a cave that was once used as a jail.  They say that the restaurant next to La Roca (that was destroyed in a fire but also set in a cave) was used to imprison Geronimo. 

This is the place that I had chicken mole.  It was delicious!  It's made with chocolate and it was the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.  I bought some pre-made mole sauce from a grocery store in AZ and I'm hoping it will be just as good.  One of my coworkers ordered coconut shrimp from La Roca and it was the most decadent coconut shrimp I have ever had!  There was at least a stick of butter for each shrimp.

Sooo yummy! 
Is it wrong to plan another trip to Mexico just for the food?


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