Friday, September 2, 2011

If the shoe fits...

Good Evening!  It's been a slow day for me.  The highlight of my day was going shoe shopping with my dad.

We were supposed to go to the specialty running store here in the 'bridge but they closed at 7pm and we didn't make it out until 8pm.  So we went to Dick's.  It was probably all in my head, but I first started out with some sixty dollar Asics and I felt like I put bricks on my feet.  They were not comfortable or coushiny at all.  I continued to try on more expensive shoes with a little more luck. 

Here's what I finally settled on

Mizuno Wave Nexus 5 :)  These were actually a size 9W, which is why I think I love them!  My feet are sausages and I feel like my feet are suffocating in most shoes.  These were very roomy, light, and my feet were breathing happily!

My dad has recently had some pain in his calf and it started about the time he started using new shoes so he came along to get some shoes too.  A lady at the store recommended some Reeboks to him.

That picture isn't the greatest, but these are the Reeboks with the big zigzag soles.  He said they were a little like moon shoes but he liked them enough to buy them.  I hope this is the first step to getting his leg back to normal.  I double checked before we left the store and we can return our shoes within 90  days if they aren't what we want.  I LOVE that.

I was also hoping to get some compression socks but sadly, they only had one pair of compression sleeves.  They were by Nathan and in a size XL/L, which I wasn't confident would be the right size.  I think I will swing by the running store tomorrow to check out what they have. 

I did buy a runner's pak :)  Here's an embarrassing tidbit:  I put my cell phone and ID in a ziplock bag and I tuck it into my sports bra.  This will definitely lead to more comfortable runs in the future.  I'm testing it out tomorrow morning!

What's your favorite running accessory?


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  1. Cell phone in the sports bra? Nice :) Buying new running shoes is awesome. I've recently heard some not-so-great things about Asics (and haven't had the best of luck when I've tried them either). I love the Mizuno logo :) I hope they work out for you!


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