Friday, September 16, 2011

An Evening of Indulgence

Good Afternoon!  I'm writing to you guys from Denver International Airport and I'm pretty much hating life.  Apparently, Denver had some dumb fog this morning which delayed my flight an hour and a half.  That was exactly the amount of time for my layover and I missed my connecting flight :(  So here I sit, for the next four hours, waiting for a flight to take me home.  Lucky you, I will stop giving you the silent treatment and get everyone up-to-speed on my life!

I attended a baby shower last Saturday for a friend of mine and I really let myself have a good time :)  

Rebecca is having a little boy next month (she's the one in the middle) and Becky (on the far left) is another friend that I used to work with at the airport.  As per usual Becky-style, she made a delicious tres leches cake that I simply couldn't resist.  In fact, I inhaled it so quickly that I forgot to take a picture of it.  Another delicious indulgence was a banana cupcake with chocolate frosting, yum!  They were adorable too!

There may have been a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting that I ate as well.  I did not record photographic evidence of that either. 

One of the activities that we did at the shower, was decorating onsies for Rebecca's little boy.  Since Rebecca and I used to work together, I decided to base the design on our job.  It was very pleased with the final outcome:

It says "On Duty" on the booty
We also played the diaper game.  You know, the delightful game where they microwave fun-size candy bars in diapers and you have to try to identify the type of candy bar.  It was really gross haha.  At the end of it all, Rebecca gave us all a bag of guessed it...the fun-size candy bars from the game.  It should have grossed me out but I ate every delicious piece.

It was so much fun to see my friends again!  It was very delicious too.  I need to repent now, haha.

What is the grossest baby shower game you have played?


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  1. Those cupcakes are so fun! No need to repent. A new week of being healthy is right around the corner :)


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