Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First day of 15k!

Good Afternoon!  Today marks the first day of my Hot Chocolate 15k training.  I found a training plan by Hal Higdon that I am following and today's three miles can be crossed off!

I didn't run yesterday so I decided to do today as "Monday."  I ran three miles on the old dreadmill.  I have a meeting with Patrice tomorrow morning so I am not going to worry about strength training because I know she'll take care of business in that department.  I am more than likely going to do the four mile run tomorrow and possibly skip "Wednesday" but it's all still up in the air. 

I felt pretty good about my run this morning.  I just really prefer to run outside, but who doesn't?  I'm dreading the winter since I have to leave for work when it is dark and won't be returning until it's dark as well :(  I am not brave or fast enough to be running by myself in the dark in Woodbridge!  I'm a member of a local running club too but they changed their meeting time and I can no longer meet up with them.

So it's a little embarrassing that I haven't really unpacked from my business trip, but I have rummaged in the suitcase a few times and my Nike+ is MIA.  I fear that I may have left it in a hotel somewhere in Arizona.  I really hope that's not the case!  If it is the case, let it be known that this is on my Christmas list .  Please :) 

Have you started your Christmas list yet?  Only 7 paychecks before the big day!!!


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