Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet Slumber

Good Morning!  I hope you all had a wonderful night's sleep last night.  I felt like I really slept well last night despite the very excited four year old in my bed.  I fell asleep around ten and when I woke up this morning, I felt fantastic!

I have been having difficulty getting up in the morning for the past two weeks or so.  I have been a chronic abuser of the snooze button.  I was thinking that I was just getting burnt out on the 4am workouts, so I have been allowing myself to sleep in and workout in the evenings (or perhaps just taking more rest days than normal). 

After last night's beautiful sleep, I have come to the realization that I have not been getting enough sleep!  Throughout this getting healthy process, I have been having a lot of DUH moments and this is one of them.  So with that in mind, I am challenging myself to go to bed at ten o'clock all of next week.  This will be more than a challenge since Jersey Shore is back on TV :(  Oh well, that's what DVR is for...

What DUH moments have you had?



  1. I realized the same thing around last Wednesday when I was so tired I wanted to have a temper tantrum over needing to expend energy to take a shower after my workout. Today my alarm didn't go off, so I automatically got an extra hours' sleep. Score!

  2. Sleep is critical to quality of life for sure!

    As to your question about building endurance on runs, the key is to just keep at it. Some days 5 miles will feel like a marathon, but if you keep running, it will get easier. :)

  3. Well it's been a FAIL so far on the ten o'clock goal....Today's a new day and 6/7 = 86% and I'm ok with that :)

    Kara- that's what I figured....guess I will keep pounding that pavement!


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