Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ode to my Favorite Running Partner

Hey!  I hope your day was awesome!  I had a great day myself.  I registered for a race :)

I'm very excited about it.  My dad will also be running the race with me.  My dad is the reason why I run.  I still remember running the last mile with my dad at the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.  I was so proud of him.  I have always loved having that common ground with my dad. 

Another reason why I love my dad is because he did this:

Look at my beautifully mowed lawn!!  It's Christmas in August!  Apparently my dad took a peak at my blog and decided to come over and mow my backyard :)  I'm a very lucky girl.  It was a wonderful surprise and perfect way to end my day. 

How was your day?



  1. You are a wonderful daughter. You are most welcome. I don't know if anyone will actually look at the lawn with that beautiful girl posing in the picture!

  2. That's so fun that your dad runs with you! No one else in my family runs...well, other than my brother and brother in law, but they are military and they HAVE to run.


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