Saturday, August 13, 2011

Breakfast Feast

Good Saturday Evening!  My morning was amazing.  I absolutely love the weekends that my daughter Julia spends with me :)  I always take the opportunity to make delicious breakfasts.  Here is a shot of this mornings yummies:

I served up the usual eggs, spinach, onion and flax seed scramble along with southwestern hashrowns (cooked in coconut oil) and extra-lean turkey bacon.  Mmmmm!  The beautiful Asiatic Lillie's were a surprise from Alex.  I sent him out to get some eggs and he came back with those too.  I'm a lucky lady :)

Of course, I topped my eggs off with some of my chipotle goat cheese.  I love that stuff and will be making another trip tomorrow to try another flavor. 

After breakfast, we spent some time watching some classic Saturday morning cartoons.  Remember this one?

It was a great and lazy morning, for sure.  At around one o'clock, I finally got the motivation to get off the couch and go out for a run.  It was raining when I first headed out, which was actually very nice.  After about five minutes, the rain stopped and small slivers of sun started to peak through the clouds.  It was sooo muggy.  It was not fun.

I kept the run to three miles today.  I am planning on going to Burke Lake Park with the Lake Ridge Runners tomorrow morning so that will be a four and a half mile run.  I need to find a training plan for the Maymont 8-miler so I can be sure that I will be ready for the race!

Any suggestions for a training plan? 

What are you training for?



  1. I've never seen an 8 mile race training plan, but I'd think you could just use a 15K plan and be a little over prepared. :)

  2. That's what I found too...15k it is!


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