Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I bleed purple

Hello!  I have either caught the attention of fellow Dukes or Emily with this title :)  Yesterday just seemed to be very purple for some reason.  It started out very delicious too!

This was the most amazing smoothie I have made so far!  I put frozen peaches, frozen blueberries, chia seeds, almond milk, spinach and.....da da da daaaaaah....

Oh my yummy!!  I've never tried this protein powder (in a purple-y bag) before so of course, I bought it from Costco!  No regrets.  This powder mixes so much better than my last one and tastes so deliciously vanilla-y.  I'm sooo tempted to run back and grab the chocolate too :)   I was a little sad that I was running late getting ready for work because I loved that smoothie so much!  I wish I had time to really enjoy it.

Anyway, my workout was pretty intense yesterday morning.  I did the Jackie Warner HIIT workout on the treadmill.  Usually I do it only four times in total but yesterday I decided to do it one more time for luck.  I was exhausted and sweaty!  Both signs of a great workout! 

After my workout and delicious smoothie, it was time to get to work...

I had at least one admirer of my outfit ;)

What color was your day?



  1. hahahah. PURPLE!!! Oh where did you get your chia seeds?! I've heard people ordering them online, but if I can get them at a store, I'm going! I have YET to try making a smoothie. I'm totally way behind the times.

  2. I thought I'd catch your attention ;) I went to Wegman's and found mine. They are made by Bob's Red Mill.

  3. I've seen that brand at Target! I wonder if they have them at our Target (We don't have a Wegmans here :( I'm definitely going to be on the hunt now.


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