Friday, August 26, 2011

Boo Benjamin :(

Good Morning!  It's my last full day of vacation and it's bittersweet.  Vacation is always fun but there is a certain comfort that comes with going back to real world and your regular routines. 

The other day we woke up at five-in-the-freaking-morning to have pictures taken at the beach.   I was pretty excited about it because I have never had professional pictures taken of my daughter and I thought these would be beautiful.  Well, they were gorgeous but they took me out of commission for four hours in the afternoon.  Yay for vacation naps!

When I finally woke up (8 pm), we decided to grab some dinner.  We ended up at Benjamin's Calabash Seafood Buffet.  Never again.  We paid $22 per person and the most palatable things there were not seafood.  They really committed to the seafood buffet idea though; even Alex's beef tenderloin tasted like fish!  The only bonus to the buffet was getting to learn how to eat crab legs.

I'm pretty sure my college roommate Kelly would have laughed at my attempts to eat crab legs (she's from MD).  I have learned that crab is for the patient and that's not me. 

Last night, Alex and I hung out with my sister Jessica and her husband Kevin.  We started the night out at Bovine's Woodfire.  We had a great view of the marsh and the food was heaven compared to Benjamin's. 

After dinner, we headed out onto the MarshWalk, which is a boardwalk around the marsh (go figure).  There was one genius in our group that wore high heels and kept getting stuck in the cracks of the boardwalk...

Oh well, at least I looked cute while getting stuck.

It's been really great seeing my sister and her family!  I'm definitely sad to be leaving them.  Her daughter Audra is very slow to warm up to people and I felt like I was finally making progress with her.  Instead of her greeting me with "No.  Icky," she was actually saying "Hi" to me.  Oh well, back to square one.

What food tragedies have you had?


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  1. You look gorgeous in these pictures!! You guys be safe driving through the nasty weather on the way back!


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