Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goat Cheese!

Hello :)  This morning I made the most delightful and quick breakfast.  I purchased some grilled zucchini and egg souffles from Costco.  Just heat up in the microwave and eat!  I topped it off with some delicious chipotle and green onion goat cheese...mmmm.....  I got the cheese from the farmer's market and I will definitely be going back for more!

So it's been a miserable fail on the ten o'clock bedtime.  In an attempt to get some extra sleep under my belt, I have been sleeping in until *gasp* five o'clock!  So needless to say, I'm still very tired.  I did not help this situation by jumping on the treadmill at quarter-after nine tonight.  The good thing is that I ran five miles!  It was miserable and boring, but I did it :)

I'm hoping the weather stays cooler for the weekend so I can get out and run outside.  I definitely prefer pounding the pavement rather than the rubber belt.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!

What are your plans for the weekend?


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