Monday, August 8, 2011

Successful Shopping Trip in my Closet!

Hello Everyone!  I had a wonderful and pleasant surprise this weekend.  I got some things that I had ordered online on Saturday :)  As per my silly girl ways, I ordered a dress that was on clearance but not in my size.  Truly I wanted the 14 but all they had was a 12.  I decided to go for it anyway.  I was very satisfied to see that the dress fit!!  So that gave me another idea....

I decided to start trying on the treasure trove of clothing that were in my drawers.  All the clothing that I have been storing for "someday" when I lost the weight and could fit into them again.  Guess what today is.....SOMEDAY!  Woo me!

And now for some embarrassing details....The pants were something that I purchased while down at FLETC.  My child was far away from me and I thought I could keep the white clean.  And so I did.  I felt that these would be an OK choice for work today and since they fit again, I was more than happy to wear them!  Within thirty minutes of being at work, I dropped my half-eaten plum in my lap :(  I'm a mother (and a clumsy one at that), I should have known better.  Another embarrassing detail:  That shirt has been sitting in my drawer with tags and size label still on it for approximately two years.  I'm awesome. 

Anyway, here's a quick run down of my weekend:   Burke Lake Park, farmer's market, and scrapbooking! 

And that's what a perfect weekend looks like.

What's your perfect weekend?


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