Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sad Saturday!

So I got a text from Patrice yesterday saying that she has training today so she had to cancel our session for today :(  I'm pretty sad about that.  I was looking forward to getting my butt kicked!

So last night, I did a quick dinner.

I cooked up some chicken breasts with some baby spinach.  Then I tossed in some pre-made butter chicken sauce...mmmm, butter chicken....Warmed up some 90-second jasmine rice and dinner was served!  It wasn't the most healthy meal ever but it was quick and tasty.

I did my 4am workout yesterday morning :)  I did a hill program on my treadmill, which definitely got me sweating!  That's the number one way I feel successful with my workout Haha!  I even felt ambitious enough to climb stairs on one of my breaks.  I climbed ten flights and then came back (it was only a fifteen minute break). 

I didn't wake up early today to get a workout in before everyone else got up but I am planning on mowing the yard later today.  Not the most grueling exercise but it counts for something.  Alex and I are taking Julia to the water park today :)  That will be great exercise for her for sure.

For breakfast, I tried to be creative with the eggs....I made Philly cheese steak eggs.  I cooked some onion slivers, sweet peppers, and mushrooms with a little Worcestershire sauce.  Added eggs and for Alex, I served it on flat bread with Morning Star breakfast sausage and cheese.  I had the same but without the bread or cheese.  YUM!

What's your favorite way to make eggs?

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