Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Personal Investment?

This mornings workout was a good one!  Thirty-five minutes of intervals training and the sweat was flowing.  I felt really accomplished this morning because I knew I had pushed myself.  Pushing myself is something I only do occasionally.  Sometimes I feel that the lack of pushiness is from ignorance (i.e. I just don't know what to do) and sometimes it is because it's the easier thing to do.  My goal for future workouts is to have one good pushy workout and the other two can be decided by me that day.  The idea/hope is to increase the number of pushy workouts over time.

I have most definitely been thinking about signing up for personal training.  A family friend does personal training at a local rec center and seems to get results out of her clients.  She strikes me as a very Jillian-esque trainer, which I think would work really well with me. 

Besides introductory "personal training" sessions at gyms I have joined in the past, I have never had a personal trainer.  I am excited about the prospect of a fresh perspective on exercise and external motivation to get 'er done!  The only road block for me is the cost.  It's $750 for twenty one-hour sessions.  That's no joke and a whole lot of money. 

I e-mailed the rec center to see if the trainer has availability that matches my schedule and she has forwarded it onto the trainer.  Hopefully it matches up :)  I think it will be worth the personal investment.

I'll keep you posted!

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