Thursday, June 23, 2011

Patrice :)

Yesterday with Patrice went really well.  She had me perform a series of tests to determine my physical ability.  Of course, the standard calipers were there.  she also measured my circumference.  She didn't say what my calculated body fat percentage so I will have to remember to ask about that on Saturday.

She took my resting heart rate and active heart rate, both of which were in the healthy range.  My blood pressure was low (I definitely get that from my mom).  Next came the fun stuff!  She had me complete a three minute step test on a 12-inch step.  Number of push-ups and sit-ups in a minute.  I whooped the v-sit-and-reach; I'm flexible like that.

Overall I am in pretty good physical shape.  The thing that I really need to improve on is my body fat.  For the most part, I eat very well and get my five fruits and veggies each day.  My portion sizes are probably too big and I also have a cRazY sweet tooth that knows no limits! 

Recently, I have been tracking my calorie intake just for informational purposes.  I haven't really given myself a target range or goal to achieve.  On average I think I am eating between 2000 and 2500 calories, which Patrice says is a lot.  Since I have decided to invest in myself, it's now time to be serious about watching what I eat so I can get the most out of my time with Patrice. 

On another note, I did my BOSU DVD and it was great!  It was only thirty minutes but sweat was rolling off me!  I really liked it :)



  1. That's awesome! One calorie tracker that I've used and really like is It has tons of food already in its database and can give you target number of calories to eat. (And it's free!)

  2. I do love free! Thanks for sharing :)


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