Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

For some reason, I thought Summer would never end but Fall has come and gone without me knowing it!  I worked from home yesterday and went out for a run during my lunch break.  I knew it must be cold out because I actually turned the heat on in my house. 

I decided to wear these socks that my dad picked up for me from the Annapolis Running Expo.  I was hoping that these socks would be warmer than my other socks, but that wasn't the case.  They have additional padding on the heel and toes but that's it.  I'm hoping the toes are more durable than my other socks:

Only time will tell!  It took me two and a half miles before I felt like I was fully warmed up.  I am now aware of how much I am lacking in good winter running gear!  I need some gloves for the first bit of my runs anyway.  Do you just take the gloves off and put them in a pocket when you start getting too hot? 

Here's another question for all the runners out there: do you have trouble breathing for the first couple miles of a run because the air is so cold?  What do you do about that?  Once I was half-way through my run and warmed up, breathing was not a problem thank goodness.  It was just the initial couple miles that made me feel like I couldn't catch a deep breath :(

Despite being cold and my shallow breaths, I had a really good run!  I completed 5.25 miles in 49 minutes!  On average, I ran nine and a half minute miles.  I was super excited with my run.  This only reconfirms my need for a Garmin. 

What are you winter running essentials?

How do you feel about snow in October?


  1. Those are the best socks ever. I have multiple pairs.

    I usually start with gloves in the winter and stash them in a jacket pocket (or vest pocket) when I get warm.

    I don't feel the shortness of breath, but you might want to try a balaclava if it bothers you!

  2. Agreed. Best socks ever! I don't have to run in really cold weather though, but when I do, SmartWool. Good for you with all the running! So fun! :-)

  3. The secret is layers! Depending on the temp you may need a shirt, a tech 1/2 zip, and a wind jacket. Tights (come in various weights), and possibly a pair of wind pants to go over the tights. I think you can even get some shoe covers to keep your feet warmer. Running shoes are designed for ventilation.


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