Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello!  Tonight I had a great workout with Patrice.  She definitely works me hard and I love every minute of it :)  She gave me my measurements and my beginning strength benchmarks.  I thought for kicks and giggles I would share those in this public forum so I can be motivated to make progress.

So here it is:

Cardiovascular Heart Rate (after 3 minute step test) 114 bpm
One time maximum Bench Press 105 lbs
One time maximum Leg Press 410 lbs (this was my best area)
Sit-ups (one minute) 36
Push-ups (one minute) 23 (modified)
V-sit-and-reach 21.25 inches
Body Composition 36.9%

It turns out that my bench press results were rated as "poor" because it is done as a ratio to your body weight.  I'm still happy with my initial benchmark because I did more than I thought I could. 

The thing that is most disappointing (but not surprising) is the body composition.  It is rated as "very poor" and the range for "very poor" is 27.2 - 38.9% so basically I will have to lose 10% body fat to even make it into the "poor" range.  Sigh. 

I just need to keep with it.   I have been exercising at least three times a week and have been tracking my calories during the week and allowing some wiggle room on the weekends.  It have steadily been losing weight and feeling more energetic and peaceful. 

So here are my goals for the next 15 sessions with Patrice:

Cardiovascular Heart Rate (after 3 minute step test) 112 bpm
One time maximum Bench Press 125 lbs
One time maximum Leg Press 425 lbs
Sit-ups (one minute) 46
Push-ups (one minute) 30 (modified)
V-sit-and-reach 22.25 inches
Body Composition 32%

Wish me luck!



  1. You are doing awesome and will totally get down there in percentage! I'm gald you're focusing on that instead of weight, it's more important than the actual number of pounds! P.S. 105 for bench pressing... I'm super impressed (I don't care if it's technically poor)!

  2. Thanks Jenny! I'm definitely trying to focus on being healthy this time around and not focusing on being a certain weight or dress size. I feel like it has made all the difference :)


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