Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweaty Date Nights

It was a very unwelcome surprise this morning when I got in my car and couldn't see out of the windshield.  So far this year, I have been able to get away with using the windshield wipers to clear it off but this morning I needed my scraper.  I love spring, summer and fall but please, go away winter! 

I seriously need to get more winter running gear if I am planning on doing any outdoor runs for the next four months.  I have also been contemplating whether or not it's time to get some new running shoes.  For some reason, I thought I bought my current shoes a lot longer ago than I have.  It has only been three months.  Apparently, I should be buying new shoes every  300-400 miles but let's be real, I'm not keeping track (nor do I think I have run that much in these shoes).  I'll sit tight for now...

I have not been for an outdoor run since the race last Saturday.  Call me busy, lazy, or whatever.  It just hasn't been happening.  I would be more likely to run if I had someone to run with.  It was so great when I lived at home and could head out for a run with my dad.  I love having someone to talk to because it makes the time pass quickly.  I have often tried to convince Alex to try running with me....

He doesn't seem to understand how running a distance more than the 90 feet between home plate and first base would be worth his time.  I guess I can't complain too much though since he is more than willing to hold down the fort while I go for a run.  He's not opposed to other forms of exercise though.  For the first time last night, we did the P90 video together.  The couple that works out together stays together, right?

How about the couple that one works out
while the other documents the occasion?
Despite Alex's recommendation, I decided to exercise without any shoes on.  I have been intrigued about barefoot running and there was a small amount jogging in place during the P90 DVD so I consider that a small sampling of what it could be like.  Overall, P90 was good bonding time with Alex and any elevation in heart rate is a step in the right direction, however I will not rely on this to be my sole means of physical fitness.  Today I had some stiffness in my calves but that's about it.  Maybe the barefoot exercising worked in strengthening different muscles than I usually use when running?

Do you exercise with others or do you prefer solitude?

Would you try barefoot running?


  1. Agreed on the winter thing! Go away!

    I haven't ever done total barefoot running but I have shoes that help you run in that way. Your calves and Achilles will feel it so start slowly. I've never done P90X but would love to try it!

  2. The 4 people I know in real life who tried barefoot running or Vibram running now have stress fractures, so no...I won't try it. :)


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