Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dogs, sick kid and WMG

Teleworking days are my most favorite day of the week!  First off, I love my lunch break runs.  They are a little nerve wracking for me because of the time crunch but it definitely keeps me from slowing down!  On my run yesterday, I decided to cut out a mile since I was a little late in getting started. 

This run was one of my more adventurous runs.  I was on the last mile of my run and I saw a dog on the other side of the road that did not appear to be tied up.  It was a small dog and it seemed to be staying on the sidewalk.  Go ahead and judge me but I tried to avoid eye contact with it so it would stay where it was and I could finish my run.  Well, the plan failed.  I kept glancing over just to be sure he was staying put and apparently that was enough to spark his interest in chasing after me.  In order to do so, he began crossing the street.  Eff.  I saw the cars coming for him and I summoned all the officer skills I had, dashed into the street, stopped traffic and chased him onto the sidewalk again.

Santa will not bring you any presents if you let me die.
Thank goodness the little yapper was friendly.  The tag showed that he belonged to the house on the corner.  I knocked, rang the door bell and waited.  Apparently, no one was home.  There was a big dog in the fenced backyard.  I went ahead and threw the small dog in with him and prayed the other dog was a vegetarian ;)  The big dog didn't eat him right away so I was able to finish my run with peace of mind (and my best mile -- 8:36.4!)

Since I was teleworking, I had time to make a special holiday meal for my kid :)  Christmas Town was not kind to her and she has been coughing nonstop and running a fever ever since.  I have to admit that I have a pretty good case of WMG (Working Mother's Guilt) so I wanted to do something that would cheer her up since I couldn't spend another day taking care of her.

Ta-Da!  Snowman Pizza
Followed by a healthy dose of sugar :)
She was pretty satisfied with my efforts and somehow I felt like a better mom :) 

Are you judging me for initially not wanting to help the poor dog?

Do you have WMG?


  1. First of all, great last mile!!

    Secondly, I want some of that Christmas tree cake.

    I have problems with loose dogs all the time and they usually aren't friendly, so I don't blame you one bit.

  2. I think you are smart to attempt to not get involved with loose dogs. Josh got bit last year and it's a long story but it ended up costing us $2000 in Rabies shots. Sad, but people are nuts. Good job on getting 4 miles in at lunch!

  3. Nice job on the run! That's great you can run at lunch on those days.

    The special treats look great. My little guy likes black olives, too.


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