Monday, December 26, 2011

NYC Recap 2011

Just a warning but this is going to be one of those run-on posts that chronicles the past week or so....

Christmas started early with a great trip to New York City!  This was my first trip to the city and it was made possible because Nina is working there and Alex and I were able to crash at her place for free :)  It was a whirlwind trip of two and a half days so we tried to pack our time with tons of touristy things.
I'll have what she's having!

I have to admit, the food there was pricey but pretty amazing!   My opinion may have been skewed since I decided we should walk three miles to get there rather than taking the train.  Lesson learned.

That's a lot of meat! ;)

We also got suckered into Serendipity 3.  I thought the movie was so cute and that the actors would have good taste in food.  No, they do must have been about the ambiance.  We had an ordinary turkey sandwich (thank goodness we split our meal so we only had to be half disappointed) and ended the meal with frozen hot chocolate. 

Oprah made Serendipity 3 doubly popular by raving about their frozen hot chocolate so we had a two hour wait to get a table.  Oprah and I have different standards for our desserts.  Thanks, Oprah.  I was only mildly impressed.  Chocolate slurpee anyone?  No thanks.

I have wanted to see the Rockettes' Christmas Spectacular for years.  They are my favorite part of the Macy's parade and when I found out that they had a Christmas show, I had to see it.  Since we are saving money for a wedding, Alex told me we wouldn't be able to see them on this trip because the tickets were too expensive but in true Alex style, he surprised me with tickets anyway :) 

Apparently, I am the girl with unachievable expectations because I felt that the show was fun but left something to be desired.  I still love the Rockettes but will reserve that love for watching them in the parade.  I will entertain the idea of participating in the Rockettes' experience for next Christmas!

Here are some NYC things that did meet my expectations:
Piano show on the BIG piano at FAO Schwarz...
They played carol of the bells complete with cartwheels!

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
Dylan's Candy Bar :)
The best part of NY was getting to know my future sister-in-law (cheesy, I know).  I had a great time and I am excited to visit again!

Thanks, Nina!
What's your favorite part of NYC?

Are you a sucker for tourist traps too?

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  1. A chocolate slurpee sounds awesome! :) I'm a sucker for cheesy tourist traps, like The World's Biggest Ball of Yarn, but not stuff like the monuments.


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