Sunday, December 18, 2011

Candy Making 101

Alex and I had a couple of parties to go to on Saturday.  I decided to be a good guest and bring a treat to share.  I usually bring my pecan tassies (mini pecan pies of heaven) but they are pretty labor intensive so I decided to make some English toffee instead. 

Toffee is so delicious but it's a very temperamental thing that requires soo much patience and attention.  You constantly have to stir the mixture while it is cooking or else it will burn.  Alex and I took turns stirring but never once took the spoon out of the mixture while switching off.  Finally, when I removed the spoon so I could pour it onto the pan, this is what I found...

Somehow, I didn't think people would enjoy toffee with melted plastic in it.

Paula Deen would be proud
Life is about learning from your mistakes, right?  The second batch turned out MUCH better....

caution: you will gain weight just looking at this picture

The first party was at the home of Alex's coworker, Eileen.  I definitely did not leave with an empty stomach.  The food spread was crazy delicious!  After stuffing my face, I spent the rest of the party feeding my baby fever by holding precious, three-week old Nolan.  Life was very good that night :)

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, we headed out to an ugly Christmas sweater party.

I'm so glad that my mom has plenty of crazy Christmas sweaters.  I borrowed this one from her and wore it as a dress.  I put a string of tinsel around the bottom and BOOM!  You're looking at the first place winner of the ugly sweater contest!  Alex and I also had the good fortune to walk away with those velveteen Santa boxers from the white elephant gift exchange.  This party was soo much fun!

He's all mine.  You're Welcome, Ladies!
Do you love or hate ugly Christmas sweater parties?

Have you ever melted anything while cooking?


  1. That looks so fun! I love the Christmas sweater dress :)! Toffee is one of my favorites, but every time I try to make it I screw it up. Sigh.

  2. Mmmm...plastic :) The party sounds fun! I do like your makeshift sweater dress. You look like such a fun couple.


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