Monday, December 26, 2011

My favorite gifts of Christmas

My dad gives the greatest gifts.  He can often be a bah-humbug when it comes to Christmas so it's amazing that he even participates at all.  One year he bought me a shaving kit.  It's awkward getting that for Christmas anyway but from your dad????  Another year he went out and bought us all scratch tickets.  I'm pretty convinced that it was the ultimate last minute gift but it's now my most beloved family tradition (this year I won $25!). 

This year my dad was impressed by the progress I have made in my running so his gifts commemorated all the low points ;)

Maymont 8-Miler

DC Hot Chocolate 15k
Don't get me wrong, I really do love the gifts :)  In fact, the ornament my dad got me actually said mocha on it so he repainted it and added a Pandora running shoe charm.   I love it when you can actually see the thought and time someone has put into your gift....even if it does remind you of the worst race you have ever run.....ever.

The next gift is one that wasn't given to me but is one that my mom and dad gave to Alex (their future son-in-law).

For those of you that don't bowl 300's and don't have a different league for each night of the week, this is a rolling bowling bag.  It's way nicer than mine.  It truly says "Welcome to the family.  We like you better than Andrea."  I'm not kidding.  My brothers gave him bowling shoes too.  I still wear the stinky rentals at the bowling alley!

Finally, the last gift is one that I gave.  It was something that I gave to Alex that was really something I wanted but thought maybe he would think it was cool too and I could pass it off as a Christmas gift for him.


I'm sooo excited to try some of these recipes!  Mmm, Katniss' favorite lamb stew with dried plums and Capitol-grade dark chocolate cake.  Each recipe includes a reference from which book and chapter that relates to it.  There is even a chapter devoted to recipes using small rodents!  Anyone else smell a theme night coming on???
What was your favorite gift?

Do you ever give something so that you can end up using it?


  1. That hot chocolate charm is epic. Way to go, Dad!

    I have yet to make any recipes from my Hunger Games cookbook, but I can't wait!

  2. I want that cookbook, just for the lamb recipe!

  3. Wait, you gave that book to MEEEEE!


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