Monday, January 9, 2012

Technology Hates Me

Well, the weekend was an absolute fail in the way of running.  I didn't run a single mile.  I did however get some new running shoes and shirt.  Dick's is having a clearance sale so markdowns were another 25% off!  Woo!
Just invert the colors
Even though I didn't run this weekend, I still got a lot of stuff done.  My house had become overrun with piles.  Piles of Christmas gifts not yet put away.  Piles of mail.  Piles of toys....piles, piles, piles.  So I cleaned, did laundry, organized stuff, and did other boring but necessary things.  I also came up with my most wanted birthday present: a maid!

Since I didn't run at all Saturday or Sunday, I thought the least I could do is try out my new running shoes before work today.  I don't own a watch or an alarm clock because I use my cellphone for all of these things.  It was mildly irritating to find that the touch screen on my phone wasn't working last night when I was attempting to set my alarm for my morning run.  Somehow I managed to set it (but it hasn't worked since) and I got up and ran a quick two miles on the treadmill.  The shoes felt pretty good but I was still overcompensating for my leg.  I didn't feel like I ever completely relaxed and loosened up.  Ugh. 

What made my short run even worse was Ipod has officially broken up with me.  I can't make out anything on the screen and couldn't get it to play a song, the radio, or anything.  Good thing my treadmill is in the basement where there is no TV and I can just stare at the display on the treadmill as I run. 

Can you fix my phone and Ipod?

Will you come clean my house for me?


  1. I can't fix anything and I hate cleaning, but I can say: Good job on running without anything other than a display screen to stare at!

  2. I wish I knew how to fix those things because between me and the girls we have broke enough of them! You won't get any cleaning over this way....I would rather weedeat then clean.


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