Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spinning with Stacers

Today I took off from running since I had plans with my friend Stacy to take a spinning class.  I'm pretty annoyed with my leg because it's still giving me problems.  I was concerned with how spinning would affect my leg and hoped it wouldn't make it worse.  

Well, it was an awesome class.  This is only the third spin class that I have taken but it is always a great workout.  I love me some running but spin was great and didn't bother my leg!  Bonus!  Even though I loved the workout, I was not in love with the instructor.  She was spouting out random facts about the percentage of adults that are dehydrated, don't eat enough fruit, don't eat enough veggies, etc.  Shut up, lady!  

Unfortunately, he was not in my class
In other news, after we left the rec center, they had to evacuate the rec center due to a fire.

Something weird is going on in Woodbridge....Our Target closed due to a fire just last week....

Do you love spinning?

Have things been burning down in your town?


  1. I had a great time and am looking forward to trying it again next week. Assuming the gym is open, and I get proper gear. Ow!!

  2. I don't "spin". My lady bits already had enough abuse with childbirth, I don't need to harass them on a daily or weekly basis. :)


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