Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's my Pimp Walk

No, I'm not cool enough for a pimp walk.  Yes, I'm more white than the driven snow.  I'm already getting frustrated with my goal of 1000 miles for 2012.  I'm trying to stay positive but it's difficult to do when you've only increased your mileage slightly and already your body is being dumb.  My leg hurts, wah wah.  My leg has been giving me problems for about a week now and I have been easing up on the pace but still running through the discomfort.  Usually my leg warms up after about two miles and feels fine for the rest of the run but then I walk like a pimp for the rest of the day.
In case you want to be a pimp too
I ran a 10k on the treadmill yesterday and by the end of the run, my left butt cheek was so tight because I am clearly over-compensating for the pain in my right leg.  So now my right leg hurts and my left cheek is sore.  Boo.  I'm taking today off as a rest day so I will probably do some walking and a TON of stretching.  So far I have 12 miles completed and 8 left for the week.  I have no doubts that I can complete them but I just don't want to aggravate my issue.

I have been thinking about getting new running shoes for a while but from what I have read, I should still have some life in the ones that I own.  Generally, you should replace your running shoes every 300 to 400 miles.  In that case, I should only replace my shoes once a year?   I did a little research online and the wise Internet told me that you should rotate a new pair of shoes in with the old ones to determine when you need to replace the old ones.  Apparently, when the new ones start feeling better than the old ones then it's time to throw the old ones out.  There is a also a twist test to determine when the midsole of your shoe has lost its support?

I'm also a little confused on the weight issue.  They say that overweight runners will need to replace their shoes more often.  How do my shoes know if I am overweight?  If it's just heavier people that have to change their shoes more often?  Since men generally weigh more than their female counterparts, should men change their shoes more often?  Are men's shoes typically able to withstand more pavement pounding?  Maybe men's shoes are a better investment for the overweight female runner?

How do you know when you need to get new running shoes?

Do you wear men's running shoes?


  1. I actually replaced my running shoes probably way closer to 300 than 500 miles. I really think it probably not only depends on the amount of miles on the shoes or your weight, but also how and where you run, etc. Also, I have feet that seem to really blister easily and when the padding wares, so do my feet. What shoes do you wear? I'll keep my eye out for sales for you.

  2. I wear women's shoes. I replace my shoes about every 400-500 miles or when I start getting shin splints. It is a weird thing that happens and it goes away when I get new shoes.

    I hope your leg issue heals up soon.

  3. I tend to wear my shoes a little longer (500-600 miles) because I run so much on the treadmill. If I run outside more they definitely need to be replaced sooner! I've never thought about whether men's shoes would be more supportive...

  4. Flip your shoes over. Is your tread worn down and smooth? Replace them. Simple.

    I can feel if I need to replace my shoes. I start to feel the impact of running a lot in my lower legs. I replace my shoes about every 2 or 3 months (450 miles) and I love that feeling of new shoes!


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