Sunday, January 22, 2012

Are you my Sole Mate?

What a lovely weekend!  On Saturday, Alex and I went to Edibles Incredible in Reston, VA for a cake tasting.  The guy Alan was lovely and very confident in his product.  I have to admit the cake was pretty yummy but I still can't imagine paying $800 for a cake.  It better make me poop gold for that price!  The best part was the remainder of the cake slices that he sent home with us.  It was enough of each of the flavors to share with both Alex's parents and mine.....we STILL had some leftover to let Julia taste after she can home from her dad's house.

Sunday was spent entirely at home.  Alex has been sick so he's been making sure our couch doesn't fly away.  I cooked up some pot roast in the crockpot and tried to busy myself with chores while it cooked.  I have attempted pot roast before and it was a FAIL.  This time it was actually pretty good.  Even though Alex hasn't been able to stomach much food today, he asked to try some.  This really isn't too surprising as I have never known him to turn down meat ;) 

In other news, I decided my Brooks shoes were not meant for me.  I took them back and traded them in for some Asics.  Real runners will scoff at me but I picked them up at Dick's Sporting Goods and I was actually impressed with the guy working the shoes department.  Usually, I get some high school student more interested in texting that fetching me a pair of shoes.  This guy actually runs and actually tried to sell me a pair of shoes that had recently been clearanced out but were still a great running shoe.  Loves to run and save money?  That's me!

I'm pretty excited to try these bad boys out!  Tomorrow I will give them a try on the treadmill and if all goes well, I will be heading outside sometime soon!  Wondering how my miles for 2012 are going?  Terribly.  Please, let these be my sole mate.  I need to put a dent in the remaining 980 miles for 2012.

What's your go-to running shoe?

It is possible to go wrong with carameliscious wedding cake?

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  1. 800 dollar cake? Nuts!

    I run in Brooks Adrenalines and adore them.


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