Friday, February 10, 2012

Fickle Shoe Love

You may recall when I got new shoes here and here.  I have fallen out of love once again and returned the last pair of shoes and bought a new pair.

I took them for a spin on the treadmill last night and they felt pretty good.  Well, two spins actually.  I ran a quick 2 miles, hopped off to do some weight training, and then ran another slower two miles (because squats make my legs angry!).  I was very happy with the way my leg felt during both runs.  I'm hoping this is a long and loving marriage for the next 300-500 miles. 

I think the answer to my leg issue is to run outside more.  I went for a run with my dad over the weekend and felt really, really good!  The best part about it all was the I was too busy focusing on the not tripping over roots and rocks that I wasn't over thinking my stride/gait/whatever.  My leg never bothered me or crossed my mind once!  I tend to focus on how I am feeling and try to make too many adjustments in my stride when I am running on the treadmill...and I don't think that is a good thing.

Anyway, after my workout, Julia and I enjoyed a delicious, peach-strawberry smoothie :)  Alex had gone out for the night to a Hokie event so it was just a girls night in.  I have to admit some of my favorite moments are the ones where it's just the two of us.  What can I say?  I'm selfish and love having her all to myself (when she is behaving, happy, and quiet) ;)

Back to my usual self after I finish this smoothie!

Do you have fickle shoe love?

What's your favorite time with your kid(s)?


  1. hey girl! Hope your leg issues are healed soon!

  2. I'm not fickle, I just get the same shoes over and over. :)

    Hope the leg is all better soon!

  3. Love the pink on the shoes! My favorite time with my kids is also when they are behaving :)


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