Monday, February 13, 2012

Who's the best bowler of them all?

Last week, at our bowling league, awards were handed out for personal achievements.  Alex and I both received some awards but I think it's very important to note the following:

Alex completely demolished me the night that he bowled his high game of a 165 but at least I came back and whooped him by one pin the next week.  That's how I roll.

And I received a Bowler of the Week award :)  I'm not sure how they figure out who gets this lovely award but somehow it was me.  I think it has something to do with bowling a certain number of pins over your average.  It was probably the week that I bowled a 166, considering my average is 113.  Whatever it was, I'll take it!

Are you laughing at my "high" game?

Should I be bowler of the week because I went from "super suck" to "average"?


  1. Whenever I feel bad about my typical sub-100 bowling score, I look around the bowling alley at the people who are good at this "sport" and then I feel better about myself, haha.

  2. Awww heck!! I'm horrible at bowling although it's a lot of fun!! :)


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