Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm a baby

All right, folks.  The 10k training program is off to a rough start.  I got on the treadmill for three miles yesterday but it was not a fun.  The backs of my heels have open wounds on them and running just isn't enjoyable.  I started out with some lovely spiderman band aids over them but unfortunately they were small and came right off.  I stopped after a mile and switched over to the massive band aids but alas, I was already sweaty so they didn't stick at all.  I stopped again after the second mile and took my shoes off and decided to run the last mile in my bare feet. 

It's kind of funny how much louder it is to run on the treadmill in your bare feet rather than in shoes.  I could definitely feel different muscles being used and today my calves are pretty tight.  Not sure this is something that I am going to incorporate into my regular routine but it was definitely interesting.

After I completed my sad three miles, I did some weight training.  I have to admit that I have missed working out with weights like I did with Patrice.  Although it was enjoyable at the time, I am paying for it dearly today.  Not only are my calves tight from the barefoot running but my butt and thighs are hardly cooperating today.  I was scheduled for five miles this morning and I cried uncle and stopped after a slow two miles.  I will attempt the other three tonight!

In more successful news, I taught Julia how to use a vacuum cleaner!  What's even better is that she hasn't caught on to the fact that it is work. Yes, I will be exploiting this to the fullest ;)

I heart vacuuming

Are you a baby about sore muscles?

Are you successful in getting your kids to clean up around the house?


  1. Barefoot running, wow! I've always wanted to try it but mostly I'm afraid of falling :)

  2. I usually duct tape blisters. Sticks better than bandaids.

    My kid likes playing with a broom, but she doesn't actually clean much.

    1. Uh....just duct tape?? Do you put any sort of padding directly over the blister?

  3. When I did marathon walking years ago I had a horrible time with blisters, and I have thanked god every day that nothing like that has come up with my 5k training yet. Though I have to admit, the program is TOUGH for me. I really have to push myself but hopefully it will all work out soon.

    I will say that I was told to use moleskin for blisters. Often, I waited too long for it to be effective, you are supposed to put it on 'hot spots' as they show up. But maybe you will have better luck?

    Genna likes to make her bed... most of the time. She's still too afraid of the vacuum to want to help with that.


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