Monday, April 30, 2012

Contest Winner

I'm a bit of a sucker, I'll admit it.  I love a good raffle and rarely hesitate to enter my name and address for a chance to win something cool.  A couple weeks ago, my favorite restaurant La Tasca was running a promotion for a ten dollar gift card via a facebook contest.  Basically, they cut a paste a picture of sangria onto a picture of a Spanish scene and you had to tell them how many you saw.  Let's be real, if you have the IQ of a doorknob, you could win this thing. 

Ok, maybe not so much sangria
as orange rectangles ;)
Finally, my doorknob IQ paid off!  I was the chosen winner for the second day of the contest :)  What's even better is that I told Alex about the contest and told him to enter on the third and final day and he won the third day!  Yaaaaay, tapas for all!  The ten dollar gift card barely put a debt in our bill but as always the food was delicious and I went away fat and happy. 

It was such a good thing that I went running with my friend Jenny that morning.  It was a beautiful 4.6 miles around Burke Lake Park and the weather was perfect once we warmed up.  Some guy on the trail came up behind us and said "Come on ladies, sprint all out for ten seconds!"  I immediately used pregnant Jenny as a reason not to follow his command.  Jenny may have done it had it not been for me ;)  She's a personal trainer and teaches boot camp classes a million times a week.  She's pretty amazing.

The next day I was supposed to get up and go to Burke Lake again with the Ridge Runners but I overslept and decided to run up and down Dale Boulevard.  I should have traded in that few extra minutes of sleep for running around Burke Lake.  Instead of a beautiful wooded trail with plenty of shade, I was running on the far more hilly road and sucking exhaust while the sun beat down on me.  I suppose I thought it was going to be cold like the morning before so I put on a long sleeve tech shirt and tights.  Wrong choice.  I was sooo hot.  I literally wanted to die.  Somehow I managed not to die and actually ran seven miles.

Overall, it was a really great weekend!


  1. Thanks Dre! It was so nice to run together, we'll have to try to do it again before the 1/2! Although I'll probably be slower! :)

  2. Awesome... almost 12 miles in one weekend. You're such a pro.

  3. Wow you are logging some great running!

    I've seen those "sweating/running for two" shirts before, but they are like 40 bucks and I'm too cheap for that :)


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