Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two weeks until 13.1 miles

So it just dawned on me that I only have two weeks left until the VA Wine Country Half Marathon (eek!).  I have been running but I haven't been doing much in the way of distance.  I have mapped out a lovely little route for today that will be a nice ten miles under my belt.  Isn't planning half the battle?

Even though I have been signed up for this race for months, I have only recently started researching it.  It turns out that not only will I be getting a medal for finishing BUT that medal will also double as a wine stopper!  Literally, this is the best news of my day :)

Finally, I medal that I can actually use!  For next year's race, I think they should have it double as a wine holster.
I'm pretty sure I could wear this
while running

Anyway, I read some reviews and it turns out this race starts out downhill and then continues to roll after that.  I guess my previous admission of wanting to do hill work should come to fruition if I want to be mildly successful in this race.  I also read that the participants in this race are largely Team in Training.  Some of the complaints were that the volunteers and spectators were blind to anyone not wearing a purple shirt.  I'll admit this won't encourage me during a race but I don't think it will kill me either.  Possible famous last words? 

If you could design a twofer medal, what would it double as?

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  1. Maybe you should trick them and wear a purple shirt? :)


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