Monday, May 21, 2012

My Body Hates Summer

I did it!  I went out for a nine mile run on Saturday.  Yes, I know I promised you the thrills of a double digit run but it just didn't happen.  Let's just say that I didn't get myself out of the house to run until 10:30am and at that point it was starting to warm up.  I felt like the sun was beating down on me with every step I took.
Not only that but I've been pretty awesomely bad about doing laundry so I was stuck running in black socks...
I'm pretty sure it was psychosomatic but I was convinced that my feet were melting inside of my shoes.  Not only that but the soles of my feet were hurting from lack of cushioning too.  (I hope you stopped by for a healthy dose of whining because that is what you are getting today!)

So anyway, I nearly died of heat on my run and then decided to head off to the Healthy Kid Expo at the Pnats Stadium.  For the next three hours we walked around in the sizzling sun.  It was actually only in the mid-80's and I'm pretty sure I will spontaneously combust once July rolls around.....I really wish my body would adjust to these hotter temperatures already!

On the plus side, Kara gave me a great idea for the VA Wine half marathon and the Team in Training predicament:  Wear a purple shirt!  So simple and yet so genius.  I picked up a purple tech shirt at the thrift store a couple weeks ago so I think that's what I will wear.  It's a long sleeved shirt so I will need to bust out my Sally  Seamstress skills but let's hope it pays off in fan adoration and extra water along the course ;)

Are you more whiny in the winter or the summer?


  1. I am definitely a summertime whiner and it has barely started and I'm already worrying about how I will keep up my training in the heat. Guess we just have to struggle through... Feel free to whine to me at any time.

  2. Good job on your 9 miles! That's awesome!

  3. Are those cotton socks? That's worth like 15 runner demerit points. Get yourself some warm weather tech material running socks (yes, that is a real thing)!


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