Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kitchen Nightmares

I totally bit off more than I could chew.

This is the largest play kitchen on the face of the earth and I'm pretty sure it's killing me.  This is not the most recent photo.  This just shows the primer and I have since but on the regular paint.  I still have a clear top coat to go, oh joy!  I have completely lost my mojo and have been dragging my feet on that part.  I should hurry up and finish it because Julia asks me every day when it will be finished.  Maybe I'm just trying to teach her a lesson in patience ;)

On the other hand, I did go to the dollar store and pick up some really great things!

All of that for only $11 :)  The best part is, at that price, I don't care if they get destroyed.  Anyway, I haven't been doing much of anything besides keeping my head above water in my busy life of a working mother.  I did hop on the treadmill yesterday for a short two mile run.  I know, I are super impressed ;)

Any wagers on when you think I will actually get this thing done?

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